TravelEZ Prepaid Cards

TravelEZ Prepaid Cards

Travelez is a VISA Prepaid Card from Al Fardan Exchange. It’s your perfect travel companion for a contemporary lifestyle. Usable at over 29 million outlets globally, Al Fardan’s Travelez opens up a world of shopping, lifestyle, dining and entertainment options – all with the peace of mind that comes with a prepaid card.

Travelez Visa Prepaid Cards are available as a multi-currency card that can carry 13+ currency and in USD and AED denominations. And now, the Travelez family of Visa cards is joined by the Travelez USD Gift Card, which can be loaded once with up to 1,000 USD.

At Al Fardan Exchange LLC, we continuously strive for innovation and provide customers with services that can make their lives simpler and save them time.  Looking at the target market we serve including customers who exchange foreign currencies at our locations, remitting money back home to their loved ones, business and leisure travelers, we came up with various prepaid cards to meet the needs of different customer segments.  The latest edition of our cards is the first of its kind 13+ Multi-Currency Travelez VISA card.

Our prepaid card portfolio consists of the following cards:


Introduced as the first Travel prepaid VISA card in UAE back in 2012. Customers can choose either AED or USD reloadable cards. An ideal reloadable prepaid card that can be used globally wherever VISA is accepted on POS, Online and ATMs.

The customers can use it at over 30 million merchant locations globally, at over 2 million ATMs and also use it for online purchases.  Customers need to visit any Al Fardan Exchange locations to purchase their cards.  Customers have a choice to either purchase off-the-shelf Standard Reloadable cards or can opt for personalized card with their name printed on it.

Introduced as the first non-reloadable USD card in the UAE back in 2013.  Customers can load up to USD 1,000 and use it at over 30 million merchant locations globally or for online purchases.   These cards are ideal for gifting to family members or friends.  Corporates also use these cards for loading incentives to their employees on special occasions. 

Travelez Plus

First of its kind 13+ multi-currency card launched in September 2015.  Customers can load currencies of their choice and can enjoy the benefit of locked-in exchange rates whenever they travel and spend in that particular currency.

It comes with an smart mobile app wherein cardholder can exchange currencies in real time based on their initial available funds in each currency, set the preferred order of currencies to manage their spend smartly, make an instant card to card transfer to their loved ones along with other cool features such as setting up email and SMS alerts. No matter whether the cardholder is in UK, USA, Europe or Japan, Travelez Plus identifies the respective balance in any of the destination currencies and enables the cardholder to enjoy shopping or withdraw funds in the particular desired currency from ATMs.

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