Payroll Services

Payroll Services


The first of its kind payroll prepaid card was introduced in November 2009 to cater to the needs of the regulations under Wage Protection System in the UAE.  

E-money is a brand representing Wage Protection System (WPS) solution.



  • Launched in October 2009
  • A fully compliant WPS solution
  • A closed loop payroll card.
  • Over 100,000 active employee accounts
  • Disbursement through
  • Al Fardan Exchange branches (through POS terminals)
  • Largest ATM network in UAE (via 850+ ENBD ATMs)
  • Onsite for companies with over 100 employees. 

The “emoney” is a preferred brand among thousands of companies and their employees when it comes to wage payments.  The solution caters to different types of sizes of companies.  Companies can choose from various options offered under ‘emoney’ solution:

a)       E-money Plus

These are ideal for companies who would like to completely outsource wage payment services with up to 20 employees. Here the dedicated team of Al Fardan Exchange provides end-to-end service for WPS.

b)       Self Managed

These are ideal for companies with over 20 employees. Here the companies are given the option to manage their employee accounts, track salary payments and create the salary information files using state-of-art Online Employee Management Portal.  A complete training is provided by the dedicated emoney team to the respective administrator of the corporate on the usage of OEM and the workflow of wage payment services.

As part of Self-Managed, companies can also avail on-site wage payment services at their sites such as labor camps or staff accommodation.  At the same time the employees enrolled under this service can also avail onsite remittances at very competitive rates. 


Payez is a new MasterCard payroll program launched in May 2016.

Employees under this program can also enroll for attractive finance schemes as part of this program.

Like any other prepaid card, Payez cardholders can withdraw their funds from any ATMs in UAE or abroad. They can also enjoy using this card for shopping at millions of merchant locations worldwide.

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