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  Al Fardan Exchange is one of the oldest and leading names in the UAE remittance market and a pioneer in the industry of UAE money exchange business.

Privileged to be a part of the reputable Al Fardan Group, Al Fardan Exchange is into the remittance market since more than 40 years. Al Fardan Group is also managing many other businesses like Real Estate, High Class Jewellery, Financial Services and Trading under its one umbrella presided by Mr. Hassan Al Fardan, Chairman, Al Fardan Group.

The foundation of Al Fardan Group was laid when the late Haji Ebrahim Hasan Al Fardan began the pearl and jewelry trading as a natural extension of activities carried out by his fore fathers. These activities were further developed and cultivated by Hassan and Hussain, sons of late Haji Ebrahim Hasan Al Fardan. It’s because of there long term vision and insight that Al Fardan Group has reached to this stage after years of evolution.

Al Fardan later diversified into the business of Real Estate and Money Exchange which added to the strength of the group.

Since its inception in 1971 Al Fardan Exchange has seen many faces of the industry and crossed many milestones and reached to a position where the company can call itself an established, well recognized and customer centric organization where the focus is on providing the best available service to the clients through the best available medium at the best available price.

A continuous effort is always put towards developing and introducing new products and solutions to benefit the customers. Also special solutions and services are provided to the corporate clients fulfilling there needs in a professional and enhanced way. Special rates are offered on bulk amounts.

The backbone of remittance business is driven by 120 reputed correspondent banks and agents worldwide which does not require advertising gimmicks. Al Fardan Exchange has a massive tie up with banks who are leaders in there specific regions. Continuous efforts are put towards making tie ups with more banks and financial establishments in order to expand our reach and provide better service to the customers.

Having a vision of becoming the leader of the UAE remittance industry Al Fardan Exchange is working towards achieving the goal and plans to expand by providing best quality unmatched multi-services to our clients. Al Fardan Exchange gives you the unbeatable advantage of availing money exchange under one roof. Rates offered are competitive and schemes are tailor made to suit your requirements. With such a proven track record, committed and dedicated workforce, innovative value added products, unmatched experience, we fulfill and provide practical solutions to meet your needs. We have a clear combination of business strategy and workforce strategy to encounter the real challenges confronting us in the competitive world.

All this is backed up by a very strong IT and E Banking set up. Quite advanced in the area of technology Al Fardan Exchange has its own IT and E Banking department which is taking care of the whole technological operational setup of the company. All the offices and branches of Al Fardan Exchange are connected through a highly advanced network with highly advanced servers located in Dubai office.

Believing in providing best presales and after sales service to the customers Al Fardan Exchange has a dedicated customer care department. Also the company is planning to expand and centralize its customer care department in order to provide better service to its customers.

Al Fardan Exchange always ensures 100% reliability in transactions and provides full safety for money to the clients. Speed and service are the key issues in our business and we ensure the same while performing any kind of transaction.

Prospering under the dedicated and highly experienced management Al Fardan Exchange is fortunate to be under the guidance of the current management. Mr. Mohammad Al Fardan, Managing Director, Al Fardan Exchange heads the whole operation and management of the organization under whose experienced leadership the company is moving towards its vision, crossing milestone after milestone.

Not only the management but the employees of the organization are highly experienced in the industry and various senior position employees are working with the organization since more than two decades. This clearly shows the level of motivation among the staff and the dedication they possess towards the company. Employees come from different 22 nationalities thus helping the clients to interact with them easily.

Worthwhile to mention, that Al Fardan Exchange has strengthened its fiscal position over the years and emerged as a strong organization. The turnover of the company ranging to millions of dollars per Annum the company is targeting higher goals to be achieved in future.

The company is not working only towards strengthening and increasing its own resources but also working towards the betterment of the society and the community. A continuous attempt is put towards spending funds for a cause which will benefit the community and society.

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